– Thanks for reading the new episode of Ghost Kiss! I hope you enjoyed it. This issue introduces an old acquaintance and a new love interest, both of whom we’ll be seeing more of in the future. Volcana’s design was meant to look more like a paramilitary terrorist with super powers than a traditional super villain. Volcana and Mya apparently went through the government’s super power training camp at the same time, and thats a story we’ll see later this season I think. Detective Nina Dorsey is a cop in a  town where giant robots sometimes attack, so she’s used to dealing with trouble. Her white hair is a result of shock from a previous encounter with a  super villain. Maybe I’ll get around to that story too!

I’m enjoying working on Ghost Kiss a lot and I wish I could get new chapters out more often. I know a lot of you have been reading since day one and I appreciate your patience. I envision Ghost Kiss as a fairly long series, but I’m hoping to have chapters out more frequently than twice a year! If you’re enjoying the series please share it with your friends or reblog it on social media. I appreciate your help finding an audience for this comic.

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