Hi Welcome to Ghost Kiss. My name is Jake Richmond. You may know me from my other comic Modest Medusa. Ghost Kiss is a new ongoing comic project that I’ve been waiting to start for a long time. Each episode of Ghost Kiss will be 8-15 pages long. I won’t be posting on a regular Mon-Weds-Fri schedule like I do with Modest Medusa.  Instead, I’ll wait till new episodes are completely done and then post the pages daily. That means I’ll be posting new pages for the next week and a half. My hope is to have new episodes of Ghost Kiss every other month!

If you’re interested in supporting this project please check out my Patreon page. This comic exists because of Patreon. Without support from my partons I wouldn’t have been able to afford to spend time working on this comic.  My income from Patreon directly translates into time I can spend making comics!

Last but not least, here’s an illustration of Mya and Modest that I did a few months ago.  Mya’s Ghost Kiss costume changed a bit during since then. So did her hair color!

Medusa and GhostKiss