The end! That’s it for the first episode of Ghost Kiss (except for the after party picture I’ll post later this week). I hope you enjoyed Mya’s first adventure (and if you did please tell people about it!). I’m even more excited for the next one, but it’s probably 6-10 weeks away. I’d like to be making a new Ghost Kiss episode about every 6 weeks, but doing 15 pages of comics on top of my monthly Modest Medusa load is a lot of work. Your support from Patreon helps a lot, but right now it isn’t enough to pay my bills, and I have to spend a lot of work time doing stuff that isn’t making comics just to get by. So more Ghost Kiss is coming, but if you’d like to help make that happen sooner and more often becoming a patron through Patreon is the way to do it! You can check out my Patreon page here.

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