Welcome back to Ghost Kiss! its been SOOOOOOO long. The last episode was posted in the first few days of last year. I started this episode almost immediately afterwards, but wasn’t able to get much past scripting and layouts before I got busy with other work.  Managed to pencil the comic over the summer, and I stated inking at the beginning of THIS year. I wasn’t able to manage the colors and letters until just the last few weeks. So this marks the longest gap between Ghost Kiss episodes so far, a whole 18 months!

– sigh-

As always, the big problem is that most of teh time I’d LIKE to be spending on this comic is instead spent doing freelance work and commissions to pay my bills. If you’d like to see more Ghost Kiss the best way to help is by backing my Patreon. I really appreciate the support!

Happy Pride month! Hopefully the next Ghost Kiss episode will come before the end of the year.