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  1. Tilly the Hun

    I wanna make a Prometheus school of running away aversion joke but… Honestly I have a child and am two months pregnant so my brain is a tad fried.

    Puns or something.

  2. Tilly the Hun

    Sorry, cold. I have a cold. Man I am kind fried….

  3. Christopher

    Listen to the sound of silence…

  4. gnrrrg

    Kiss the shark!

    • Paul

      That’s what I was going to say!

  5. Love your comic and it seems you took out the tapastic page >.> Well I heard about the issue they had with the whole publish thing, but I am happy it is still around and I can wait a few months for updates I know when you busy and things get piled up, I will buy the mags next month, most likely digital or maybe I get a few so my local comic shop can sell them, if you like that. (printed ones not digital)

    I still plan to make a fan comic I just been busy and lazy @@ Suspect it soon =3 Tho I would love to see how Modest and GK would interact with each other.

    • Jake

      Hi Lexia. I’m glad you found Ghost Kiss here. I’m sorry to day that Tapastic ended up being a poor fit for me, but I was worried that the new readers I had found there might have trouble finding this comic again.

      I’m super excited to see whatever fan comic you do. There hasn’t been a lot of ghost Kiss fan art yet!

      I’m glad you’re interested in Combine. We offer a nice discount on back issues. That discount is available to stores as well.

      And a real Modest Medusa/Ghost Kiss crossover is coming eventually!

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

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