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  1. Nikary Flare

    – You’re not supposed to know this stuff.
    – And?
    – It’s out of your league.
    – And?
    – You’re not qualified.
    – And?
    – Oh come on!!!

    • Christopher

      Does not mater. She will need her help with that. Exceptional Circumstances.

  2. gnrrrg

    Can the spear be used to attack the evil prince’s castle?

    • Gethin

      I read this with my class and they yelled “Marah’s Spear!”

      • Jake

        They don’t miss anything.

  3. Christopher

    Is that the Dragon Spine Speer from Modest Medusa?

    • Jake

      Yes, or at least something that looks very much like it.

  4. Tilly the Hun

    Wait, so is the arsenal of winter the name of the Price’s weaponry? Only because I thought he confiscated that spear after those events and he seems like the kind of guy to have a ghost shark.

    • Jake

      Thats a solid theory. It’s not clear what happened to the spear after it was broken in his duel with Marah.

      • hkmaly

        Maybe he traded it for some other weapon?

  5. sleepyrobin

    Sorry, but the character profiles are triggering my proofreader’s itch.
    Ghost Kiss: “ower” -> “super”; “persons” -> “person’s”
    Chester: “Adventer” -> “Adventure”

    • Jake

      Oh god, i didn’t even notice that. I’m really bad about spelling. Like, I KNOW how things are spelled, but it’ so easy for me to leave a letter out or put in the wrong word when I’m typing. I try to make sure to proof everything before I post, but things slip through. I put together those profiles at the last minute so I’m not even sure I did proof them. Thanks for pointing them out. I’ll fix them asap.

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