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  1. Nikary Flare

    Marah threw the spear so hard that it crossed the border between two worlds and landed right in front of the Adventure Man. Too bad it missed the shark, though.

    • Alphaghoul

      Don’t know who Marah is.

      • Jake

        Marah is one of the main characters from the first 3 seasons of my other comic Modest Medusa.

  2. Alphaghoul

    Sorry you had to tell me a few times for me to get that you need to approve comments.
    So when they get eaten is there a way to get them back, like in kids movies and tv shows when you defeat the monster? Or are they permanently dead and gone for good? Or do we need to wait and see at the end of the story?

    • Jake

      Remains to be seen.

    • Jake

      And no reason to be sorry!

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