– Ghost Kiss episode 6 will update Mon-Friday through the end of May.

Ghost Kiss was designed to appear in my science fiction comic anthology Combine. Combine is a quarterly magazine featuring 4 different ongoing sci-fi comic stories. I wanted to create a large format full color comic magazine similar to Heavy Metal or Robot  that I could showcase Ghost Kiss in, and I invited three other great comic creators to work with me. It turned out that Ghost Kiss was the least sci-fi comic of the bunch (although as the series goes on you’ll see it veer in a more sci-fi direction), and I’ve been really proud to have it in the same magazine as Shutter Valley Record, Devil Spy and The Last Cowboy!

We’ll be releasing a new issue of Combine at the end of this month. I know you’re already planning on reading this episode of Ghost Kiss for free right here, but I also know that a lot of you are like me and like reading your comics in print. Combine is a beautiful magazine, with 88 large glossy color pages in each issue. If you like Ghost Kiss I think Combine is really worth a  purchase. Right now the best way to get Combine is through the Combine Patreon. For a $12 pledge (including shipping) we’ll mail new issues of Combine to your door ever time they’re released. We’re really encouraging people to subscribe to Combine, both because it’s awesome and because we’re trying to get our subscriber numbers up so we can start breaking even on the cost of printing the magazine! You can also buy back issues of Combine directly from the Combine store. Discounted bundles are available too!