– Thanks for reading this new episode of Ghost Kiss! This was a short story (just 6 pages) but I think a lot happened! We got to see Mya’s entire supporting cast again and meet her father. You may remember Lester Freamon from his appearances in Modest Medusa or (more likely) as one of the main characters in HBO’s The Wire. In the Ghost Kiss/Modest Medusa universe Lester got married, had a kid and left Baltimore to live in Portland. This is also the first appearance of Mya’s cold weather costume, which is just her normal outfit plus grey leggings, a hat and a custom Ghost Kiss jacket.

By the way, Lucky Strike is the name of an excellent Chinese restaurant in NE Portland. The Pepper Chicken bath was this house specialty, a super spicy dish that could make your eyes water just smelling it. Super tasty, but super spicy.  Sadly, Lucky Strike closed their doors last year, but in this alternate version of Portland they’re still open and doing well!

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