Hi. It’s been awhile!

I started working on this comic in beginning of December or last year, right before The Last Jedi came out. The previous Ghost Kiss episode had been pretty heavy, and I knew the next one would be too, so I wanted to do something short, light and fun in between. My original plan was to post this on Christmas, but life got in the way and I only got the first few panels done in time. I put it aside for a few weeks to work on other projects, but soon Valentines Day was coming up, and with last Jedi still in the theatres I thought this might make a fun Valentines Day comic. But I didn’t get it done in time for that holiday either. I also didn’t get it done in time for Star Wars day or the Solo opening weekend. Anyway, here it is now!

The next Ghost Kiss story will be a two-parter. I’m hoping to have the first part posted in September and the second in November.  I know i kept you all waiting most of the year for a new chapter. I’m hoping now that I’ve wrapped up some other projects I can get back to Ghost Kiss ona  more regular basis.

– Jake